Saturday, June 23, 2012

Somewhere...across the sea...

Every other year or so someone in Jonathan's family rents a house on Edisto Island and we all go vacation together. This year my brother in law was the house renter. We stayed in a cute little house called "The Flamingo".

I used to know the story on this..but no longer. It's always there, just a bit different each time. 

We have always gone to Edisto Island. I really have no idea when that tradition started, but I do know why we stick to Edisto. If you have ever been there and been to the other islands around the area you know why, also. Edisto is simply quiet. There is not much there. There is a beach, a lot of rental houses, one hotel at the end of the island and one grocery store, The Piggly Wiggly of course, at the other end. There are a few restaurants and gift shops, but you are not going to find the mass tourist shops you might at other beaches. This is how we like it. While you will see plenty of people walking, fishing, biking, and on the beach you don't feel like you are in crowds.

Edisto is off the coast of South Carolina. I really feel like I belong there. I think I was always meant to live somewhere near the ocean in South Carolina. I can't explain, it's just something I know as soon as we get close to the coast. I'm sure in another life I was a southern belle here, living on a rich sea island cotton plantation. If I could live anywhere, I would seriously pick here to live. The plantation would be nice, too, as long as it was modern with central air and a pool.

This would be my driveway. 

We always have fun on the beach. This year Marley even got into it more and raced around after the kids in the waves. He usually runs from the surf as it comes in, but this year he got his whole body wet. It's fun to watch the kids play in the sand and water, trying not to think of sharks eating them or getting stuck in a rip tide, or jelly fish stinging them, or a wave knocking them down and dragging them under. Sounds fun doesn't it? O.k. so maybe it's just fun watching them bury each other in the sand. 

Karin practices her body burying skills. 

"Hey! Where did everyone go?"

The history of the area is amazing. There are still some standing ruins of houses, churches and other buildings as well as beautifully restored southern mansions and plantations. I love the grand mansions along the Battery in Charleston and the ornate churches with their old graveyards. As beautiful as they are I love the ruins even more. There is just something about the forgotten, crumbling buildings and graveyards that draws me in. 

Sheldon Church. Originally Prince Williams Parish in 1745, before America was America. 

St. Helena Parish Chapel of Ease 1740

Sea Cloud Plantation ruins. Circa 1825 (On Edisto Island)

Even if we never return to Edisto Island again, I will always remember the great times our family has spent there from sitting on the beach in the middle of the night watching the lightning across the ocean, deep sea fishing, picking up sharks teeth along the beach, hoping our tent doesn't blow away when tropical storm Alex hit while we were camping on the beach, eating blue crab that we caught or fishing off the dock and catching a Skate (kind of Stingray). I could fill this page with hundreds of pictures I have taken in the years we have gone. I hope to get hundreds more. 

The one time I didn't go, this happens! 

Ocean puppy

ARRR! Dread Pirate Marley! 

Till next time... .

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