Monday, June 25, 2012

Lip tattoo review!

Remember when tattooing ones makeup on came out? I wanted to get my eyeliner done SO BAD. While most are probably regretting their decision to have their bright 80's makeup permanently fused to their face, I still think I wouldn't mind having my eyeliner done. I still wear the same black wing after all these years. Maybe I will change my mind when I'm 80 or so..

Never fear for now they are making temporary makeup tattoo's! The lip tattoo's intrigued me from the start. You can find a ton of different colors and designs. Words, hearts, stars, leopard print, it's seemingly endless. So I tried out a few. Here is my honest review.

First off I think my problem with them is my lips are shaped wrong or weird. I have a HUGE bottom lip, which despite some people's endless pursuit of puffy lips, I hate mine. My top lip is just...weird. Remember how Elvis would always raise one side of his top lip? I can do that so perfectly and in some pictures I'm doing it without even realizing it. Maybe I am related to Elvis, one of his illegitimate offspring. Hmm... my mom did LOVE Elvis. She said my dad reminded her of Elvis when she met him, something with his eyes. My dad did have awesome eyes, but I never thought of Elvis when looking at them. Then again I never lusted after Elvis like my mom did. Wait, how the heck did I get on the subject of Elvis? My lips, right...

The reason my lip shape comes into play is because you need to cut the lip tattoo's to fit your lips. I really have a problem with this. Bottom lip too big, top lip too...weird. Well, here is my review with a few different brands of tattoo's.

I'll start with Violent Lips. These are the best out of the 3 that I tried. While still hard for me to fit on my lips, they were the easiest. The ones I had are the glitter ones. VERY glittery, however they were hard as hell to get off. I've seen someone just peel them off in one big strip. Didn't work for me. I peeled and picked at them forever and then scrubbed the rest off with a wet cloth. I scrubbed hard too. They did however last most of the day till I tried to get them off. I did drink with them on and had no problem. I have not tried the regular ones, only the glitter, but I think I may try these again in the regular ones.

You can see where they didn't really fit. Easily fixed with lip liner. 

The next  photo, along with the one after, were taken in front of a window, so this is pretty much what they look like in natural light.

Next I tried "Fashionable Lips". I liked these second best of the 3.  I love this design and may wear them on the 4th. "Violent Lips" also has a design like this but I'm not sure I can find them in time. 

Sexy, right?

I didn't line my lips after applying these, so what you see is how they look without any touch up. My bottom lip looks larger than ever but I think it's because the angle of the camera when I took the picture, it's not really straight on. That's my story anyway. Maybe it's the stripes. These were easy to remove with a little makeup remover. 

I don't have that sexy passion mouth look. 

Lastly I had some "Hot Lips" tattoos. These come shaped just like the Violent Lips but are much much smaller. I got these because I liked the vampire design on them.  I really had to line my lips with black liner to touch these up. The design didn't show up really well either. They certainly didn't look like they did on the model when I bought them, not that I expected them to, but it would have been nice. 

 The first problem I had when cutting along the lines they provide on the back was I cut a lot of the fang design off. I should have been watching, but I trusted their placement of the lines they wanted you to cut. Once on, well, see for yourself. 

Well there ya go. Just a regular person review and not some makeup guru or company. I didn't get paid a thing and even had to buy my own product to review! Sheesh! I'd love to hear any experience with these others have had, so comment if you have anything to add! 

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