Thursday, June 21, 2012

So many crafts...

It's been awhile again since I have been here. I haven't forgotten you, loyal reader, I've just been lazy, I mean busy. And by loyal reader I mean my husband, who already knows everything I'm writing about before he reads it.

I have been rather crafty lately. The last thing I made I was really pleased with the way it came out. I'd love to post about it, but my latest crafts are also Christmas presents and I really never know who might be reading this. "But Teri! What if we want to make what you made for someone for someone else?". Sorry, y'all will just have to wait and I will have to be patient about showing every thing. Hmmmph. I should have something new to show soon, if it turns out right.

I did have some drama a few days ago. I sold my patriotic wreath that I made. DUN DUN DUN! No, sillies, that is not the drama. I sold the wreath but wanted to improve the stars instead of leaving the cut out mess I made I wanted something that looked nicer if I was going to give it to someone else. So I made a snap decision to go to Hobby Lobby and see what they had in the way of glittery stars. Off I went on my happy way, not even making it 1/4 of a mile when BAM! apartment dweller dude runs the stop sign coming out of his complex and hits me. I knew he wasn't stopping, I swerved and for a split second thought I dodged another one (A lot of the apartment dwellers run that stop sign). The loud BAM! mentioned above let me know I wasn't so lucky this time. To make this story short "I can't pull up my pants" apartment dweller  tried to say there was no way his giant Ford Escape made such a large dent and scratches on my little Eclipse. Once he called over his thug life friends to argue I got in the car, locked the doors and called 911 then Jonathan. My loverly husband dropped everything and came to my rescue before the popo could even show up. Before that Apartment Dweller tried to drive off till he noticed me taking a picture of his license plate. GO ME! By the time the cop came Apartment Dwellers girlfriend was on the scene. I guess she was the owner of the Escape. Once the cop told her since her boyfriend left the scene he was having her battering ram towed she morphed into "Irate Female" (the cop called her that..teehee). Looooonger story short, I got to leave with an incident number from the cop to give to my insurance and 3 other cops showed up to search the inside of the Escape battering ram. "I can't pull up my pants" showed back up so there was no towing of Irate Female's car. BUMMER! I don't know what kind of tickets he got or what's worse, if he had insurance. I'm just waiting for my insurance to review the police report and get back to me. WHY couldn't I be hit by some southern gentlemen who hypnotized me with his crystal blue eyes and deep southern drawl, offering me all his insurance information while he apologized on his knees and assuring me he will take care of everything at the same time making sure I was o.k., maybe offering me a Mint Julep (YUCK) or at least some Evian.. no, not me. I get "I dident do's that to yo car! Yo trippin'! Now looks at my boxers while I's drive off 'cause I can't pull up my pants!". O.k... so that might have been a little.. accurate.

All in all, the damage isn't THAT bad. It could have been easily taken care of with a little cooperation on Apartment Dwellers part. I'm a little freaked out by the fact he lives just a short distance from me, but hopefully he never learns I live so close.

Crafting is so much more fun than all this.

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