Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Sometimes I like to be crafty. As in arts and crafts, not "Hide your gold, the girl is crafty like ice is cold". What I really like to do is make things and give them as gifts. I like to make things for a specific person in mind and I really do put my heart into my work, despite the fact the things I make really turn out looking like a grade school art project.

This is what I decided to make my husband for Easter. I'm not sure I've ever really made him anything before, at least not for a gift. I really love this and so I thought I would share with the maybe 2 people that might be reading this. Although now that Easter is almost over you  have to wait a whole year to try this yourself. I can't think of any other egg appropriate holiday's. 

First you need to "blow out" an egg. I have no  idea how you are suppose to do this, but I took a nail and make a small hole in the bottom and an even smaller hole in the top. I then literally blew into the top hole which pushed all the insidey parts out. 

Next I painted the egg with acrylic paint. 

After the paint dried I added some pearl button stickers to it. You can decorate it anyway you like or just leave it a solid color. I just had these laying around already. 

Next you are going to write or print out a message to your victim..errr, gift recipient. Try to limit your message because you are going to roll up the piece of paper and shove it up that eggs.. I mean, gently push it into the larger hole you made to clean out the egg. I suggest letting the egg sit over night to dry up anything left on the inside. 

                                                   Still with me? We are almost done. 

I boxed my egg to keep it from accidentally breaking before Jonathan had a chance to see it. Of course you can put it in anything you want. I got a plain brown box from the craft store for less than a dollar. I added some scrap booking stickers I already had. I love cherry blossoms and thought it looked more Spring like. 

I added a little of that weird Easter basket plastic grass to the box since the egg looked lost in it and added a n instruction label to the inside of the lid. 

I put the complete package in Jonathan's Easter basket. I'm sure the bunny didn't mind I was stealing his thunder. 

Finally your masterpiece actually has to be destroyed for your victim, damn it, recipient to read your heart felt sentiment inside. It's o.k. though, just take a ton of pictures like me to remember the time you actually did something romantic for your significant other without cracking up (HA! cracking, egg.. ) or getting annoyed while you thought about the work that will be involved cleaning up all those rose petals strewn around the floor and bed or you have to skim them off the top of the water before you drain the bathtub, not to mention the wax from all those candles is about to drip onto the carpet. This is far less messy. 

                                                            Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Omg, I love this idea. I'm going to feature it on my blog tomorrow if that's ok. Ps, its Becca from Zombie Pumpkins. :)