Wednesday, April 4, 2012

House Cleaning

Cleaning house is on of those necessary evils.  Well, at least to most people it is. After being gone on vacation 2 1/2 weeks, procrastinating unpacking another week and a few more days to procrastinate cleaning I finally decided to conquer my kitchen. Although I wont be cleaning the top of the refrigerator or freezer I do give my self kudos for cleaning the inside of the microwave.

Like a lot of you I figured cleaning will some how be more pleasurable with some good music. I usually resort to the Hair Guitar channel on my satellite T.V. They play all the awesome glam rock from the 80's. That way I can clean and mourn my passing youth all at the same time. Ahhh multitasking. Of course I know all of the songs, but they occasionally thrown in some obscure song that has me wondering why I don't know all of the words, whether I sing them correctly or not. Today that song was 10,000 Lovers in One by TNT. I paid attention mostly because it sucked.  "But Teri! That song rocks! It was totally my favorite!". Save it, it sucked. 10,000 lovers..really? TEN THOUSAND? Who the hell could handle that? At least pick a more reasonable number. What's wrong with 100 lovers in one? Still a lot, still getting the point across, yet not so many that one session of love making is going to last 3 months. By not knowing this song is it possible I was not the rocker I thought I was? Who am I kidding, I rocked then, I still rock now.

I'm going to go finish cleaning now while I relive the big hair, black eyeliner awesomeness that was my teenage years.

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