Thursday, July 19, 2012

(whispers) Obsession...

Remember that perfume, Obsession? I used to think it was the best smelling stuff out there. I think I actually owned a bottle, but I can't remember. I would have got it for Christmas or a birthday because back then I was broke. O.K. I'm still broke, but back then it was a different kind of broke. Now I can't stand the smell of the perfume. I'm not really sure why and I apologize to everyone wearing it right now. It's just an old smell.

Obsession perfume is so not the point of this post. I wanted to post about my silly obsessions with things. It's all I can think to call it. Many years ago I thought tongue piercings were the dumbest thing ever. Why the hell would anyone pierce their tongue of all things? How STUPID! (Hang on, this relates). All of a sudden, and I mean all of a sudden, I decided I wanted my tongue pierced. I literally woke up one day and wanted it done. It wouldn't leave my head. I obsessed about the idea till I got it pierced. Hopefully I will never want my nipples pierced, I still think that is stupid. The beginning of this year I all of a sudden wanted my ears pierced, again. I went crazy over earrings before I even had them pierced. Every where I went I had to check out the earrings. While I still wear them I've lost interest for the most part.  At one point scrapbooking became an obsession. It was long after it was all the rage. I just decided I wanted to do it and I bought a ton of supplies and made a whole album. Now I have a ton of supplies and pictures, but no real desire to do it anymore. Then I moved to makeup. I wanted to create tons of looks and have every color eyeshadow possible. I have a ton of makeup now, but the obsession with it is fading. Currently it's nail polish and nail art. I've always tried to have nice nails, but all of a sudden I am painting them twice a week, sometimes several times at once. Like everything else I have a ton of nail polish. I feel like there's not enough time to use it all and do everything I want with my nails. Crazy right?

I have had other smaller type obsessions. Certain things that I have wanted to do and wont leave my thoughts until I've done it. Like buying certain frames and designing a picture wall in the hallway. Things like that are usually short lived, obsession ending once I've done it. Before it ends though it's the only thing I have on my mind, all day, every day.

I wish I could become obsessed with house cleaning. I love a clean house, I just hate making it that way. It's hard when there is so much makeup and fingernail polish laying around. I currently try to do the "clean one room a day" trick. This worked for awhile but now it usually ends up being Friday and I think 'Crap, I haven't cleaned a room at all this week' and end up cleaning the whole house in one day.  My husband wishes I would become obsessed with sex. I didn't ask him, but I'm sure that's what he would say. I wonder what my next obsession will be. Hopefully it will be something cheap, easy and doesn't add anything more to the clutter in my house. Oh, and there was a small perfume obsession where I bought a number of expensive perfumes, none of which was Obsession.

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  1. OMD!!! I am exactly the same way. Altho now I can resist. I could never resist before. Is it ba that I personally love your obsessions? And that I look forward to the next "installment" of each? LOL I guess now I live vicarisally (sp?) through your obsessions~
    BTW: I too used to love and now HATE the smell of Obsession. I agree that it just smells OLD and kind of hmmmmmm...something I cant describe.