Wednesday, July 18, 2012

These are a few of my favorite...movies!

It's been awhile again since I have posted. I think I ignore my blog because most things I do go on Facebook right away and I feel like I'm not posting anything new on here, so I skip it. I've been rather obsessed with nail polish lately, and I've just ordered a ton of nail stamping image plates. Soon I will have plenty of nail art pictures to blog about. I better go buy more polish remover now..

There was a tag going around on Facebook asking for your favorite movies. I never copy and repost those things, so I thought I would blog about it. Most people who know me know that I love the horror genre from books to movies to everything else. You might expect my favorite movies to be all blood and gore, I might surprise you. So here are my top favorite movies, in no particular order.

The Goonies. 

I remember walking dangerously down a very busy road with a friend to see this movie in the theater. I know I liked it at the time, but I think as years went by I liked it even more. One thing that always confused me was a memory of a scene in the movie involving a giant octopus. I swear I could remember there being one in the cave at the end of the movie, but in all the times I watched it on cable I never saw that octopus again. Finally I got smart and used Google and found out the octopus scene was deleted shortly after it's release. I knew I wasn't imagining octopuses.. octopi.. whatever. I will never get tired of this movie. Goonies never say die!!

See, it's the octoeye! 

A Christmas Carol.

I don't think I even have a favorite version of this, although I really loved the newest one with Jim Carrey. I thought it did an excellent job following the book. I even like the Flintstones version where they are putting on the play, but Fred ends up learning the lesson for real, and Scrooged.. "Will you PLEASE hold the GODDAMN hammering, NOW!" This movie in whatever version is just so Christmas too me. I swear when I watch it I can even smell Christmas. I wonder if this novel inspired the line in the song "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" when they sing "There will be scary ghost stories..." After all, I can't think of any other Christmas ghost stories.

The Princess Bride.

It's INCONCEIVABLE that someone would not like this movie. It has everything, romance, mystery, action, sword fighting, pirates, chases, torture, giants, and love... twoo wuv. Not to mention Cary Elwes is kinda hot in this movie. I've seen it so many times I could watch it with my eyes closed. I even fell for the secret twist of the book, even though I wont tell because maybe someone out there doesn't know. I did figure it out before I was done reading it, but it was fun not knowing and discovering it.

Time is such a bummer! 

The Wizard of Oz.

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz! I remember watching this all the time as a kid. Every time they would play it on t.v. it would seem like it was some holiday. Did you know that the movie was always in color? The Kansas scenes have always been in a sepia tone while Oz has always appeared in color, it was never colorized at a later date. Now lets talk about the Ruby Slippers. Oh, those shoes, those beautiful shoes! They are the most perfect pair of shoes ever. I even have a cheap Halloween knock off pair.

The Phantom of the Opera. 

While I have never seen it on the stage, but I have seen other movie adaptions, my favorite is the 2004 version with Gerard Butler. So lets talk about him. Gerry is simply HOT in this movie. He makes me want to slap Christine around for not choosing him in the end. I know he isn't meant to be hot and sexy, he is suppose to be disfigured and hideous. But, with him being hot and sexy it is easier to feel something for this poor man who just wants someone to love him while he kills people. Is that so much to ask for? I even love the music in this movie. I've been asking for the soundtrack for Christmas for years now, but I have yet to get it. I have the feeling Jonathan is afraid I will force him to listen to it in my car or something.

He murders people? Meh, I can over look it. 

The Lost Boys.

I almost put Interview with the Vampire here instead, but I had to go with The Lost Boys. This was the first vampire movie that made me want to be a vampire. Never grow old, never die. Live with a bunch of super hot dudes that ride motorcycles. O.K. so I would rather live with the Interview vampires in their fine southern mansions, and really Brad Pitt as a vampire was to die for sexy (teehee, die for, vampire.. nevermind), but the Lost Boys vamps weren't too bad either. I have no idea why everyone else in the movie resisted becoming one of the undead so much. Did you know in the end the reason David never disintegrated when he was killed like the other vamps did was because he didn't actually die? The plan was to make a sequel with David called The Lost Girls. Too bad it was never made and instead we had to suffer with Lost Boys: The Tribe. There is also a novel version of the movie, good luck getting  a copy though. 

Because he is fun to look at... 

Of course there are a lot of other movies I like, but I'm not bored enough to keep this list going. And I do have some horror faves like, The Shining, The Exorcist, The Ring. Then there is Mary Poppins which I love, and one of my top favorites, The Sound of Music. Comedies like Super Troopers, Old School and Euro Trip, tear jerkers like The Notebook, Marley and Me and Titanic. I have a wide range of movie tastes which is good, it keeps me entertained. 

What are some of your favorites, dear reader? 

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