Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Avengers Unite!

Do they say that in the movie? If they don't, they should. Nick Fury could issue the battle cry, "AVENGERS UNITE!", and all the Avengers would come together to fight the bad dudes. Can you tell I haven't seen the movie yet?

While doing my daily internet surfing I ran across a picture on some eye contact website showing a cool eyeshadow design inspired by Captain America, or maybe the 4th of July. I figured it was Captain America since The Avengers was released last week and the 4th is still a few months away. You could wear this for either one.

This will be my first tutorial. I want to first stress that I don't have great lighting and I don't use the good camera. I hold up the camera in front of my eye and snap the picture. I do try to use bright or natural light, but usually it's the lamp next to my table or the light bar in the bathroom. I am not even making an effort to be a pro at this or a famous makeup guru. I'm doing this how I put on my makeup every day, in the living room.

Here is the majority of what I used.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sephora Nano eyeliner pencil in some blue color (can't find it at the moment)
Avon lip liner pencil in red (sorry, color name has worn off)
Sugarpill loose eyeshadow in Asylum
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk
Generic red glitter from a Halloween makeup kit
Sally Girl blue cosmetic glitter
Sephora liquid liner in black
Sephora eyeshadow in Aspen Summit
Smoldering Baked Eyeshadow (blue color)(bought at Sally Beauty Supply
Nail art stars

Alright, I think I listed everything. Truth be told I put it all away and I have a ton of makeup. I really don't want to pull it all out to get the exact color name. I know, some tutorial, wont even tell us what colors to use. You get the idea though, you just want some red, white and blue stuff.

I used the Primer Potion first, but if you are going to use the NYX pencil you probably can skip this part. The pencil will act like a primer. Take the NYX pencil in milk and apply all over eye area, even under the bottom lashes. Blend in with your finger tips. 

Next take your blue eyeshadow and pat on with a flat brush. If you rub it on with the brush it's going to blend in too much with the white pencil. Just patting it on will give you bolder color. Start just above the crease and take it up close to the bottom of your brows. Leave some space under the brow and some space above your crease. Take a clean puffier brush and lightly blend with the white under your brow. Use the same blue shadow under your lower lashes all the way to the corner of your eye. 

Now we are going to go a little fast. Pat on the red eyeshadow (mine was the Sugarpill) on your eyelid only. Leave the strip between the red and blue. Don't worry if you get some shadow on that space, but try not to. After you have your red and blue on use the glitter over each color. Sally Beauty has great, cheap cosmetic glitter and a clear "glue" that helps it stick. Apply a thin layer of the glue with your finger tip and pat glitter over the shadow color with a flat brush. I let the glitter dry just a bit then took my NYX pencil again and went over the crease again to clean up any stray shadow and define that area a little better. I used the Sephora white shadow under my brow area and lightly blended it with the blue. 

Next I used the Sephora liquid liner and created a winged line on the top lid. I used black but you can always use a dark blue. I mainly used black because I applied false lashes and the black helps hide the false lash strip a bit better. I took a little more of the glitter glue and used it to place tiny nail art stars on the blue shadow. If you can't find little stars check the craft stores in their scrapbooking section. I have some tiny silver star stickers that would have worked great too. You could also use white face paint and just paint small dots in this area. If your really good you can draw tiny stars. Or take silver liquid eyeliner and do the same thing.. you get the idea, I hope. I also used the blue eyeliner pencil to line my waterline and applied black mascara before the false lashes went on. 

In the original picture I saw of this the eyebrows were done in red. I liked how that gave it even more of a red, white and blue look, but it might be a little too much if you are wearing this out. I mean, you already have a ton of glitter and stars for heaven's sake. Red eyebrows might be overkill. I liked it, so I used my red lip liner pencil. It's kinda cool, kinda strange. If I left the house this way I would have been thinking of my red lip liner eyebrows all night. I also used my favorite false lashes, why not be more dramatic. These are  Illamasqua 013. They have some awesome black ones with blue in them, they would have rocked this look. 

After all that I used my red eyebrow lip liner and lined my lips then filled them in with it. For extra pazazz you could use the red cosmetic glitter on your lips, or better yet, do them in blue, with glitter. 


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