Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ornament greeting

I actually made this last year, but ended up breaking a few of the ornaments this year when it fell shortly after hanging it up. Thankfully it's easy to fix and while doing so I took a few pictures and decided to show everyone how I made it.

Supplies you will need are:

  • Christmas ball ornaments in the color of your choice. Most of my tree is red and silver so I went with red satin finished ornaments. Choose your favorite color or mix and match. You will need 14 balls. 
  • Alphabet stickers. I went with silver for the red and silver theme. Just pick a color that will stand out on your ornaments. 
  • Ribbon. Again, choose a coordinating color. I didn't measure the length of the ribbon I used. You will need enough for all 14 ornaments to fit on and more to hang with. 
  • Scissors

The rest is very easy. Take your stickers and place one letter on each ornament, trying to center it as well as possible. You can spell out whatever you want, just make sure you have enough of each letter sticker before starting. I used all the capitol letters on mine. 

Once all your letters are on you're going to thread your ribbon through the hook on the top of the ornament. I left the ribbon on the spool while doing this to make sure I used enough ribbon. Once all the ornaments are on, spread them out across the table and space them out down the length of the ribbon. When you are satisfied cut the end of the ribbon from the spool and tie each end in a knot to keep the ornaments from sliding off. 

I kept mine loose on the ribbon but you could tie a knot in each one at the hook to keep them in place. I know I may use mine in other places and wanted to be able to make it longer if needed or not as spaced out, depending on where I hang it. 

This would look fabulous hanging from a mantle, however my fireplace does not have one, so I hang it from my bookshelves. A mantle is on the list of must haves in the next house we buy. 

Professional pictures look SO much better! 

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