Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here comes Spiderkin!

Ahhh, fall is coming. Really, it's on it's way. It's just trying to claw it's way through the heat and humidity of the summer. Stores are starting to stock their Halloween goodies and in many cases, Christmas. But we are here for the Halloween! I have a few crafty idea's in mind for the spooky season, this is my first. I wont do a step by step picture tutorial because it's pretty straight forward.

I picked up a foam craft pumpkin from Michaels craft stores. You can find these in just about every craft store but they are usually different brands. I like the Michaels ones. I chose to do this on a white pumpkin but it would look great on any of the offered colors. Places like Hobby Lobby offer colors like neon green and purple, however I've also seen a paint peel issue on their 'kins. The one I chose is a medium sized 'kin. They have both larger and smaller.

I started by lightly drawing a spiderweb on the pumpkin with a pencil. I did not measure the lines or spaces between them, I just eyeballed it. I drew the vertical  lines in the natural lines of the pumpkin and brought them about half way down. Then I simply connected them with 3 arches.

I used 6mm flat silver backed rhinestones and glued them on the lines I drew. Really nothing special in doing this. I did use around 430 of the little stones though so make sure you have plenty! Also using curved tweezers to pick up the stones and place them on the lines was much easier than picking them up with my fingers and getting glue all over myself. Just don't overload with the glue because you don't want your rhinestones sliding down the pumpkin. After that I glued a glittery spider in the web. I bought him at Michaels also. He actually had a clip on him but I took that off.  I did have to glue down each one of his feet. You could also spray paint a your spider with silver paint which would look great with the silver of the webbing.

It also works without a spider and looks just as good.

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